Duration: 12 weeks

Contract Value: £200,000

Aesop skincare, hair and body are a globally recognised brand who sought a flagship store in Bath whilst having never ventured outside of London this was a major project for all involved. A project that blended into its surroundings and used natural, local craftsmanship to bring this to life.

Given the extreme timescale of this project it could complete on time and budget and to an extremely high standard that Aesop had set with its unique design features. With over 200 drawings and product specification it was a challenging project but one the images and quality speak for itself. Traditional Bath stone hand carved sinks, joinery made POS desk, countless timber suspended shelves, aged stone pament floor and lime plaster all add to the feel of this building and it’s hard to believe you are in a retail store as it goes against the grain of what is ‘normal’.

The project involved some 30 of our staff on site across all trades to enable to strict completion date. We worked closely with the design team of James Plumb from London who have experience with Aesop and other brands of similar nature